Imagine the ass whoopings cops would receive if they didn’t carry guns.


Unlawful arrests would plummet because cops fucking with every day citizens would be getting washed daily.

That sad moment when your homie photo bombs a great picture πŸ˜‘ lol
Nothing like your first love πŸ’‹

✧*q⋆ teenage lolita ✧*q⋆

"I’m your Mister, you my Misses with hugs and kissesValentine cards and birthday wishes, pleaseWe on another level of planning, of understandingThe bond between man and woman, and childThe highest elevation, cause we aboveAll that romance crap, just show your love.”


a homeless guy just said to me β€œdo you tell jokes to make people laugh or to make people think you’re funny” and that is the most profound shit ive ever experienced

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Donde chingaos venden esto 😍
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